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How to Handle Modern Hairstyles with Swivel Shears

November 6, 2020

How to Handle Modern Hairstyles with Swivel Shears There are several issues with modern hairstyles that can only be achieved by using swivel shears. These shears allow you to cut hair from almost any angle, even on the bias. You can also use the different angles to create unique effects in your styles, which can help you change a standard style into something completely different. Many of the modern styles involve complex braiding and styling of the client's hair. This braiding can only be accomplished if the hair is at the exact length needed for that particular style. Normal braiding...

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I Am Having Problems with Holding My Hair Scissors

October 30, 2020

Many people have problems when holding their scissors because of the looseness of the grip. We offer a solution that can help eliminate this problem and give you the comfortable fit you want, without the danger of added stress to your tendons and joints. Most grips are made for people with large fingers, and it can be expensive to order a custom set of shears, but that used to be the only way to get a pair to fit your fingers. Instead of ordering an expensive pair of custom shears, all of our hair scissors come with our Shear Fit...

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Finding the Best Japanese Scissors

October 23, 2020

There are several companies that promote Japanese scissors, but we offer only the highest quality shears. All of our shears are made from Hitachi steel, one of the hardest steels to work with. This steel has a high hardness rating, which means it will hold an edge longer and provide you with years of quality haircuts, instead of the months offered by lower quality shears. It is important to note that our Japanese scissors are hand crafted and are not made in a mold. This type of crafting gives the shears a better balance. It also prevents them from breaking...

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Better Cuts with High Quality Pet Grooming Shears

October 16, 2020

Better Cuts with High Quality Pet Grooming Shears Your pet grooming shears should be the same high quality as those found in hair salons for people. This allows you to create cuts and styles for pets that will please their owners and have them coming back for years. A good set of shears allows you to cut the hair quickly, lowering the stress level on the pet and allowing you to work with more animals a day, which raises your profits. Our pet grooming shears are made from the highest quality Hitachi Japanese steel. This steel has a hardness of...

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Keeping Your Best Hair Shears Sharp

October 9, 2020

It can be difficult to keep your shears sharp. Local sharpening services may do damage to the cutting edge of the shears, shortening the life expectancy of your scissors. This is why we offer a referral service that allows you to achieve the highest quality sharpening services. All of our recommended sharpeners are certified by Shark Fin Professional Shears. When it comes time to sharpen your best hair shears, it only takes one phone call to find out everything you need about your local sharpening service. Every time your shears start to get dull (about once a year), you should...

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Does Every Stylist Need Professional Hair Cutting Shears?

October 2, 2020

While it is possible to cut hair with standard scissors, you will encounter a problem with keeping the scissors sharp and ready to use. Professional hair- cutting shears are made of harder steel, with convex blades that give a more precise cut. They also allow you to cut hair for 40 hours a week, without having to sharpen the blades every month. There are several reasons to consider professional hair cutting shears, not the least of which is the quality of cut available to your clients. Our shears also come with our unconditional lifetime warranty, which guarantees you a pair...

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Start Your Career on the Right Foot with Professional Hair Shears

September 25, 2020

If you are new to the beauty industry, there is one important fact that must always be kept in the front of your mind. The only way to create a quality hairstyle is to use professional hair shears. While other shears may be said to cut hair in any style, only professional shears have the durability and control to allow you to cut hair 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, without having to be sharpened every month. To make it easier for new students to start their career in beauty, we offer two different student kits. There...

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Left-Handed Shears are Available in Student Kits

September 18, 2020

Many different cosmetology schools provide kits for their new students, which include everything from mannequin heads to cleaning kits. The problem is that these kits are often designed for students who are right handed, and they do not include the option to add left-handed shears. This leaves students who are left handed with the option of purchasing their own shears, or trying to learn how to cut hair with their non-dominant hand. There is a solution to this problem, and it is only a phone call away. We offer a complete selection of BCA-approved kits specifically for left-handed students. These...

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Only Work with Professional Scissors in Your Salon

September 11, 2020

When you own your own salon, you want to make sure that all of your stylists are using the highest quality tools available. This ensures that your clients are getting the best service with tools that will not damage or discolor their hair. Most stylists have no idea, but low quality scissors are often made with too much iron, instead of pure stainless steel. This can lead to red streaks in the client's hair -- especially if you are cutting his or her hair after it has been lightened, or streaked. Discolored hair is often a sign of low quality...

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Why Have a Variety of Professional Hair Scissors

September 4, 2020

When you are a new stylist and are still in training, most of your initial hair styling will be done on a mannequin. This is because you have to learn the techniques before you start working on living clients. It is also easier to fix a mistake on a head that can be moved to almost any position, than on ones that are firmly attached to a living person. Because your initial cuttings are on a mannequin, you may want to have a second set of shears for your actual clinical work. As you become more experienced, you will understand...

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Choosing between Various Haircutting Scissors

August 28, 2020

When you are a new stylist, you may have difficulty in finding the right pair of haircutting scissors. There are so many different grips and sizes that, unless you have experience in the field, you may not understand exactly what each of the implements do. You also have to consider the type of cutting you will be performing for your clients. Standard cuts often require a simple pair of shears, while texturing styles may require texturing shears with various teeth for thinning and shaping hair. The other consideration when choosing haircutting scissors is your personal preference for swivel or non-swivel...

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The Best Way to Sharpen your Barber Scissors

August 21, 2020

Stylists have several options when it comes time to sharpen their barber scissors. When you order our scissors, you also get the advantage of our sharpening service that charges you a set fee for service. All you have to do is call us at 888-544-7254 and we will give you directions to a certified Shark Fin sharpener in your area. Using one of our certified sharpeners allows you to keep your warranty in place and guarantees you the highest quality service. I Cannot Find a Sharpener for my Barber Scissors If you do not have a sharpener in your area...

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Start Your Career with the Best Hair Cutting Shears

August 14, 2020

New students in Cosmetology College are often left trying to work with lower quality cutting shears. This is not because they want to work with inferior tools; it is just hard to afford the best hair cutting shears when you are first starting your career. We offer huge discounts on student kits that allow you to begin your styling career with the highest quality shears. We offer two different kits for new students. The basic kit includes all of the following items: 5 inch Japanese steel cutting shears with a convex blade The 28 tooth thinning (or texturing) shears Lubricating...

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Using the Proper Haircutting Shears Makes Your Job Easier

August 7, 2020

Hair stylists often run into problems because there are so many different textures of hair. People with coarse hair are often harder to style, unless you use a combination of cutting and texturizing shears. Using the proper haircutting shears can make your job easier, because you will be able to create the styles that your client wants. Many people with coarse hair want flat styles -- similar to the ones they see on television and movie actors. To achieve this type of style, you have to use texturizing shears to thin the hair and give it the ability to lie...

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Having Problems Finding Hair Cutting Scissors for South Paws

July 31, 2020

Many manufacturers seem to think that everyone who is going to hold a pair of scissors is right handed. We know that this can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to purchase professional hair cutting scissors for your salon. This is why we have a complete collection of left-handed shears that incorporate all of our different styles and types of shears. Which Hair Cutting Scissors Should I Purchase? If you are unsure which pair of scissors would be best for your needs, we do offer several sets of shears. These combine the most common types of shears for left-handed...

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Enjoy the Durability of Quality Japanese Shears

July 24, 2020

Hearing the phrase Japanese shears, you may think that the shears we offer are made in Japan. What it really means is that our shears are made from Aogami or Japanese blue steel. This is the type of steel manufactured by Hitachi Steel, one of the premier manufacturers in the world. It has a very high hardness level, which translates into less sharpening, and longer-lasting blades for your shears. Our shears are also forged and never cast. This detail means that the shears take longer to create, but will last a lifetime, instead of just a couple of years. We...

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Choosing between Swivel and Non-Swivel Grooming Shears

July 17, 2020

Choosing the correct type of grooming shears is important when you work as a stylist. The difference between swivel and non-swivel shears is the movability of the thumb. This feature allows you to cut hair from any angle, which is perfect for particularly difficult hairstyles. The non-swivel shears allow you to have exact control during straight line cuts, such as bangs and broomsticks. The other advantage of swivel grooming shears is their ability to relieve some of the stress on the tendons of your hand. This makes these ergonomic shears more forgiving for people who spend eight to ten hours...

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Criteria to use when Choosing Professional Shears

July 10, 2020

There are a few different pieces of criteria you should use when choosing the best professional shears for you specific needs. The first is the quality of steel used to make the shears. All of our shears are made from the highest quality Hitachi Japanese steel, with a Rockwell hardness level of 61 ‰ÛÒ 63. The second piece of criteria is the adjustability of the shear grip. Not everyone has the same-sized fingers, but most shears are made in just one size to help with manufacturing. While our grips are made in a standard size, every pair of shears comes...

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Switching to Super Swivel Barber Shears

July 3, 2020

Once you are used to a specific type of shears, it can be difficult to try something new. The problem is that, if you never try anything new, you will miss many of the advances in technology that make your job easier. This is why you should try our super swivel barber shears. They offer the flexibility to cut hair from any angle and give you the control you want to create the best hairstyles for your clients. Are all Barber Shears the Same? While many manufacturers would like you to believe that all barber shears are the same, this...

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Professional Scissors for the Hair Cut You Desire

June 26, 2020

Anyone can take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut off a piece of hair, but it takes a real artist to create a style. This is why you should always use professional scissors for the haircut you want to create. There are many different types of styles, from the asymmetrical bob to the classic broomstick. Every client is different and you want to make sure they leave your salon with the style that flatters their face and lifestyle. Why use Professional Scissors for Hair Cutting When you work on a project, the end results are only as good as...

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How Frequently do I Sharpen my Barber Scissors

June 19, 2020

There is no set amount of time you need to wait before you sharpen your barber scissors. Some stylists believe that you need to have a professional sharpening every 3 to 6 months, but this is not true. With proper care, oiling and adjustments, you should be able to use your scissors for a full year before they need to be sharpened. How do I Clean and Adjust my Barber Scissors to Avoid Damage? It is important to properly oil, clean, and adjust the tension on your barber scissors to avoid damage to the blades. The most common reason that...

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Learning how to Care for your Hair Cutting Scissors

June 12, 2020

New stylists may have difficulty learning the best way to care for their hair cutting scissors. There are specific ways to clean, fit and adjust your shears that will make your experience more rewarding. We have a complete line of videos that allow you to see the processes needed to complete these tasks. Each video combines verbal instructions with a visual presentation that will appeal to any type of stylist trying to get the most out of their equipment. Understand the Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors When you are ready to purchase your first set of hair cutting scissors,...

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Using Texturizing Hair Cutting Shears can make Styling Easier

June 5, 2020

It is difficult to texture hair when using a razor. Instead of relying on this older method of shaping a style, you can use texturizing hair cutting shears to make the job easier. All you have to do is make alternating cuts at an angle parallel to the final style. This allows your client to have hair that curls under or over the neckline without the extra time involved with using a curling rod or hot rollers. It also makes the style easier to recreate after the first washing When to Sharpen your Professional Hair Cutting Shears Having sharp hair...

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Getting the Correct Fit when You Purchase Hair Scissors

May 29, 2020

It can be difficult to find hair scissors that fit your fingers. Every pair of scissors is made with a standard sized grip, which is always a little larger than the average finger size. The alternative is to use our Shear Fit system to adjust the interior grip sizes. These allow you to purchase our shears and then turn them into a pair of custom fitted scissors with one-step. You can then use a pair of comfortably, properly fitted shears to give your clients the best hairstyle possible. Choosing Between Swivel and Non Swivel Hair Scissors The main difference between...

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We also Offer Pet Grooming Shears

May 22, 2020

While many people know about our quality hair cutting shears, they may not know that we also offer a line of pet grooming shears. These shears are designed with thicker metal, and a higher hardness, to cut through the coarsest hair and allow you to remove large mats with a minimum of fuss. You can even use these shears to do a rough cut, allowing dog hair to retain its uneven coat, which helps repel water and retain heat. Is it Important to have Sharp Pet Grooming Shears Just like cutting hair on people, pets also react to dull shears...

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Using the Best Hair Shears makes Styling Easier

May 15, 2020

One of the hardest parts about cutting hair is making sure you develop a style that the client can duplicate at home. Giving your client an amazing cut is your first priority, but you have to teach them how to style the hair once it has been washed and reset. Using the best hair shears gives you the ability to create an even cut line and proper textures allowing your clients to duplicate their favorite style at home without the need for more extensive training than most people have who are not professional stylists. What are the Best Hair Shears...

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Having the Proper Left Handed Shears is Important for Professional Styles

May 8, 2020

People who are left handed often have a difficult time finding shears that will work correctly. We have a complete line of left-handed shears that are designed for stylists that use their left as their primary hand. The angle of the blades and the cutting surfaces are designed to allow pressure from the left hand to give you an even, professional cut every time. Do I have to Purchase Left Handed Shears While it is possible to use shears in your right hand, you may not have the complexity or control if your primary hand is your left. Left-handed shears...

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Professional Scissors make Braiding Easier

May 1, 2020

The most difficult part of braiding hair is having all of the hair the same length. People with asymmetrical cuts have hair that is harder to braid because the hair is of different lengths. Using professional scissors gives you an even cutline so you end up with smooth braids. Uneven hair causes braids to have tags that stick out along the braid line, making the braid look messy and old, even when it is first created. Using Professional Scissors to Prepare Hair for Braiding The first step in creating a beautiful braid is to cut all of the hair to...

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It is Important to Start your Career with Professional Hair Scissors

April 24, 2020

When you are getting ready to start cosmetology school, it is important to have professional hair scissors in your BCA kit. We offer a complete selection of kits, with both swivel and non-swivel shears. The kit comes with both a regular shear and a texturing shear, so you will be ready to start your path with the right tools. You also get a polishing cloth, razor, case, and a shear oil pen, so you will have everything you need to start your career as a stylist. Keeping your Professional Hair Scissors Sharp Keeping your professional hair scissors sharp can be...

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Finding a Sharpening Service for my Haircutting Scissors

April 17, 2020

Depending on your location, it can be difficult to find a quality sharpening service for your haircutting scissors. It is important to remember that if you use a sharpener that is not certified with Shark Fin, you will void your warranty. More importantly, most sharpening services do a poor job and end up reducing the lifespan of your shears. So when your most important tool needs service, please call us toll free at 888-544-7254, we will be more than happy to get you in touch with a quality sharpener to service your shears correctly and make sure you get years...

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Having the Proper Grip with your Professional Scissors

April 10, 2020

There are three different types of grips available with professional scissors. The first two are the opposing grip and the offset grip, which places your thumb directly under your ring finger. This can put pressure on your nerves and tendons because of the unnatural position of your entire hand. That is why we offer the crane grip, which places you thumb in the natural position under your index finger, keeping your hand in its natural relaxed position. Are all Professional Scissors made with One Size Fits All Grips It is possible to get professional scissors that are custom fit to...

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Why choose Japanese Scissors for your Salon

April 3, 2020

Having the best equipment is the key to success. This is true for stylists as well as chefs. The thing that makes our Japanese scissors such high quality is that they are made from Hitachi steel. This is the same steel that is used in the culinary world for long lasting chef knives. They have higher tensile strength, making them harder to bend and this also allows them to keep their edge sharp longer than cheaper steel blades. Using Japanese Scissors for Everyday Styles It may seem that purchasing high-end Japanese scissors for your everyday haircutting needs is excessive. Not...

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What makes our Professional Hair Shears Unique

March 27, 2020

One of the things that make our professional hair shears unique is our fitting system. All of our shears come with our patented Shear Fit䋢 system that lets you adjust the hole size on our shears. This gives you a comfortable fit and reduces the amount of stress placed on your finger when you use the shears. We also have a 30-point quality control inspection process that insures you will be able to enjoy years of use out of every pair of shears you purchase. Important Information about Professional Hair Shears Whenever you purchase professional hair shears, it is important...

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Finding Professional Haircutting Shears for Left Handed People

March 20, 2020

If you are left handed, it can be difficult to shop for professional haircutting shears. This is because 90 percent of the shears made are designed for use by right handed cutters. Unlike other manufacturers, we are the only shear company in the world that offers a full line shears specifically designed for people who use their left hand as their primary cutting hand. These shears are of the same high quality as all of our products and are designed specifically with these stylists in mind. Adjusting the Finger hole diameter on Professional Haircutting Shears Most professional haircutting shears are...

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Why Forged Japanese Shears are the Preferred Tool for Stylists

March 13, 2020

There are two different ways to make scissors used to cut hair. The old method is by casting the metal into a mold, which makes the shears more brittle and less likely to hold their balance over time. The preferred method is to forge the shears, which involves more time but gives you a longer lasting, higher quality shear. We use only Japanese Hitachi steel for high quality Japanese shears. Why are Hitachi Steel Japanese Shears so Expensive Hitachi steel Japanese shears are more expensive because 90 percent of the manufacturing process is done by hand. This is to give...

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Using Better Scissors for Hair Grooming Leads to Happy Clients

March 6, 2020

The most common complaint among people who get their hair cut at a salon is that the hairstyle looks choppy or unfinished after they wash it the first time. This is often the result of using scissors that are not sharp enough because they will leave tags at the end of the cut, making the hair look uneven without product. Using better quality scissors for hair styling allows you to create even cuts that look great no matter how much, or how little, product your client uses when they get home. Choosing the Right Scissors for Hair Types Every type...

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Swivel Haircutting Shears give you More Control

February 28, 2020

Styling hair can be one of the hardest professions because every customer wants something different. Each stylist has to create a work of art for every customer and come up with something new several times a day. To help you get the perfect cut, and bring your vision to life, you should try swivel haircutting shears because they give you more control and allow you to lower your elbow, drop your shoulder and straighten out your wrist for years of pain free cutting. A swivel shear also allows you to cut at any angle, to create the perfect bob, without...

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Asymmetrical Bobs are Easier with Barber Shears

February 21, 2020

Creating an asymmetrical bob can be difficult for even the most experienced stylist. The trick is to cut the hair into a broomstick style and then contemplate the correct angle before you begin. Always find the angle on the shortest side of the bob and then use your barber shears to cut towards the longer end. This allows you to compensate for an uneven hairline without sacrificing the quality of the finished style. Why Choosing Swivel Barber Shears can assist with Any Hair Style The beautiful part of using swivel barber shears is that they allow you to cut hair...

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Handle Designs for the Best Hair Cutting Shears

February 14, 2020

There are three different grip designs for scissors. Opposing, offset and crane design. The best hair cutting shears have the crane design, where the thumb is positioned under the index finger. This removes the maximum amount of stress from the tendons in the hand, helping prevent carpel tunnel syndrome. It also releases the pressure on the nerves, which helps reduce stress in your cutting hand and pain that can occur after hours of holding your shear in the same position. All of our shears are made with this crane design to help prevent these types of injuries. The Best Hair...

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Why Every Stylist needs Quality Haircutting Scissors

February 7, 2020

Working with client's hair makes it important to have quality haircutting scissors. When you are ready to design a new style for your clients, the last thing you want is for your scissors to be dull and to give you an uneven cut. Sharp lines and lack of tags is what makes the difference between a professional hairstyle and a quick cut they could do at home. You should always use the highest quality tools to get the best style of cut. Why are Professional Haircutting Scissors so Expensive This principle is based upon the old adage, you get what...

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How to Texture Hair with Hair Cutting Scissors

January 31, 2020

One of the hardest parts of texturing hair is having the right equipment. If you do not have a set of texturing shears, you can get the same effect with hair cutting scissors. What you have to remember is that you are cutting the hair at an angle and only using every quarter of an inch of hair. This leaves the majority of the hair at the proper length while giving your client the ability to add volume without sacrificing length. High Quality Hair Cutting Scissors Give High Quality Style Cutting a client's hair can be easy or difficult, depending...

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Choosing the Right Grooming Shears for your Business

January 24, 2020

It is important to have the highest quality grooming shears for your business. This allows you clients to get the best hairstyles available and keeps them coming back as repeat business. We offer a complete collection of high quality shears for almost any type of hairstylist. We even have a line of left-handed shears that offer the same high quality and precision as our other shears. Information about Keeping your Grooming Shears Sharp The hardest part about owning a set of quality grooming shears is keeping them as sharp as possible. We can help you by making it simple to...

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Using the Correct Professional Shears for your Hair Styles

January 17, 2020

The type of hair that your client has can affect the choice of which pair of professional shears you need. This is especially true when you are trying to texture hair and need to make sure you do not over-thin the hair. Courser hair needs to be textured with shears that have wider teeth, around 15 teeth per inch. Fine hair should be textured with shears that have about 40 teeth per inch, so you do not have large gaps in the hair that are visible when it is styled. How Often should I Sharpen my Professional Shears The frequency...

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Improve your Performance with High Quality Hair Scissors

January 10, 2020

Any beautician will inform you that the better the hair scissors, the better the quality of the cut. We offer a complete collection of scissors that enable you to create clean cuts in any type of hair. It does not matter if you are creating a simple broomstick or a complicated asymmetrical design, the control offered by the type of scissors you use are essential to providing the best style for your clients. Why Choose Swivel Hair Scissors for your Salon The best part about choosing swivel hair scissors is the fact that they allow you to have more control...

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Why Use Professional Line Texture Hair Cutting Shears

January 3, 2020

Texture hair cutting shears are important when you want to add body and lift to the hair without the client having to spend hours with a blow dryer and a can of moose. Our lines of texture shears have several different texturing sizes, so you can work with course, medium or fine hair. When ordering your shears, the number in the description tells you the number of teeth on the blade 7T, 15T, 28T or 40T. Can I use a Razor Instead of Texture Hair Cutting Shears The problem with using a razor is that it cuts the hair at...

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Top Quality Shears Do a Better Job

December 27, 2019

 Give your clients the highest quality results with a professional shear intended for hair. These special shears are razor sharp, durable and are designed to help you enjoy your career for years to come. Professional hair scissors have become different from the regular haircutting shear. To begin with, they use top quality steel that is manufactured in multiple ways for balance, precision and strength. The steel utilized in professional shears are normally from Japan with the best steel coming from the Hitachi factory which has been forged and is made with two piece construction and then is welded together. Lower...

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How to Properly Fit Your Professional Hair Scissors

December 20, 2019

Your shears must be fitted to your exact ring finger and thumb diameter for more contact, control and a relaxed grip. For your ring finger, a properly fitted shear belongs between the first and second knuckle far enough back on the ring finger so that your pinky is resting comfortably on the finger rest. Once you have the shear at that location on your ring finger, there should only be a little extra space around your finger in the finger hole. If there's too much space, you'll need additional finger inserts so that your ring finger is centered in...

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How to Adjust the Blade Tension of Your Hair Shears

December 13, 2019

It is extremely important to know how to adjust blade tension to ensure maximum performance and extend blade durability. If the blade tension is too loose, it will allow the shears to fold the hair. If it is too tight, it will cause unnecessary wear and user fatigue. To test the tension on your shears, hold the shears with the tension knob facing you and the thumb handle in your left hand. With the shears perfectly straight, lift up on the ring finger handle to open the blades halfway and then let the ring finger handle go. The blades...

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Are Professional Shears Really A Necessity For Professional Stylists?

December 6, 2019

Professional hair scissors offer considerably more benefits than low cost ones, and if the goal is to become a professional stylist, to get the best final results and performance, you're going to have to get a great set of shears. You won't be able to find a professional set of shears at any kind of discount store! A lot of these scissors are suitable for beginners in cosmetology school but is not for the professional stylist. With professional shears you'll receive many benefits. The first being quality results thanks to their sharp blades. Cheaper scissors have a tendency to pull,...

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Choosing the Right Type of Scissors for your Salon

November 29, 2019

Every salon seems to specialize in a particular type of hairstyle. Salons that want to present a formal image often require their stylists to create fantastic styles with oddly placed cuts and difficult angles. Other salons may do a larger number of basic styles, leading their stylists to more repetitive, but often steadier, work. You also have to consider the handedness of your stylists and make sure you purchase the correct right or left handed variety of the type of shears you would need. This is the main reason that you should only purchase shears for current stylists, and not...

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Transform Your Work with the Wonder of Japanese Shears in Your Hair Salon

November 22, 2019

If you work with hair every day, you know that all scissors are not created equal. You've worked with shears that were not up to par before. You weren't happy with the results. You are dedicated to giving your clients a work of art every time they walk out the door. That means investing in the best equipment. Japanese hair shears can give you an edge when you are serving your clientele. They have a reputation for excellence. Experience the way they are set apart from the competition for yourself. Find Out Why Hair Stylists Love Japanese Shears for Hair...

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