At professional hair stylist scissors are our specialty.

We are the largest manufacturer of professional hair stylist scissors and accessories. With the help of our products with our patented technologies, professional stylists and groomers have a wide range of options for grooming and haircutting. On this page you can check out our blog which focuses on many aspects of maintaining your shears for years of trouble free cutting ranging from “How to Adjust the Blade Tension of Your Hair Shears” to “How to Properly Fit Your Professional Hair Scissors.” To get more insight into the world of professional hair stylist scissors we suggest regularly reading our blogs.

The Shark Fin® professional hair stylist scissors are the most ergonomically designed and most comfortable scissors on the market today!

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Choosing the Right Type of Scissors for your Salon

Every salon seems to specialize in a particular type of hairstyle. Salons that want to present a formal image often require their stylists to create fantastic styles with oddly placed cuts and difficult angles. Other salons may do a larger number of basic styles, leading their stylists to more repetitive, but often steadier, work. You also have to consider the handedness of your stylists and make sure you purchase the correct right or left handed variety of the type of shears you would need. This is the main reason that you should only purchase shears for current stylists, and not ...

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How to Handle Modern Hairstyles with Swivel Shears

How to Handle Modern Hairstyles with Swivel Shears There are several issues with modern hairstyles that can only be achieved by using swivel shears. These shears allow you to cut hair from almost any angle, even on the bias. You can also use the different angles to create unique effects in your styles, which can help you change a standard style into something completely different. Many of the modern styles involve complex braiding and styling of the client's hair. This braiding can only be accomplished if the hair is at the exact length needed for that particular style. Normal braiding ...

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I Am Having Problems with Holding My Hair Scissors

Many people have problems when holding their scissors because of the looseness of the grip. We offer a solution that can help eliminate this problem and give you the comfortable fit you want, without the danger of added stress to your tendons and joints. Most grips are made for people with large fingers, and it can be expensive to order a custom set of shears, but that used to be the only way to get a pair to fit your fingers. Instead of ordering an expensive pair of custom shears, all of our hair scissors come with our Shear Fit ...

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Finding the Best Japanese Scissors

There are several companies that promote Japanese scissors, but we offer only the highest quality shears. All of our shears are made from Hitachi steel, one of the hardest steels to work with. This steel has a high hardness rating, which means it will hold an edge longer and provide you with years of quality haircuts, instead of the months offered by lower quality shears. It is important to note that our Japanese scissors are hand crafted and are not made in a mold. This type of crafting gives the shears a better balance. It also prevents them from breaking ...

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Keeping Your Best Hair Shears Sharp

It can be difficult to keep your shears sharp. Local sharpening services may do damage to the cutting edge of the shears, shortening the life expectancy of your scissors. This is why we offer a referral service that allows you to achieve the highest quality sharpening services. All of our recommended sharpeners are certified by Shark Fin Professional Shears. When it comes time to sharpen your best hair shears, it only takes one phone call to find out everything you need about your local sharpening service. Every time your shears start to get dull (about once a year), you should ...

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