Better Cuts with High Quality Pet Grooming Shears

Your pet grooming shears should be the same high quality as those found in hair salons for people. This allows you to create cuts and styles for pets that will please their owners and have them coming back for years. A good set of shears allows you to cut the hair quickly, lowering the stress level on the pet and allowing you to work with more animals a day, which raises your profits. Our pet grooming shears are made from the highest quality Hitachi Japanese steel. This steel has a hardness of 61 to 63 on the Rockwell scale, similar to the level of hardness used in professional knives for kitchens. This means the shears will hold their edge longer and require less sharpening between uses. Having to spend less time without your shears means you can spend more time performing your job, which helps you earn a steadier income. This harder steel also allows you to cut coarse hair with ease. Many dog breeds have very thick hair, so having harder shears gives you the ability to cut faster, without damage to your instruments. Many groomers are self-employed, so they do not get the benefits of paid vacations when they are unable to work. Sending your shears off for sharpening every two months could end up costing you thousands of dollars in business, every year. With our higher quality shears, you will only have to sharpen the blades one or two times per year, cutting out a large portion of your down time and allowing your income to remain steady.