How to Handle Modern Hairstyles with Swivel Shears

There are several issues with modern hairstyles that can only be achieved by using swivel shears. These shears allow you to cut hair from almost any angle, even on the bias. You can also use the different angles to create unique effects in your styles, which can help you change a standard style into something completely different. Many of the modern styles involve complex braiding and styling of the client’s hair. This braiding can only be accomplished if the hair is at the exact length needed for that particular style. Normal braiding only requires a broomstick cut, but braiding that is more complex may require you to have an asymmetrical bob or a steep angled V cut. This is because these braids use different lengths of hair to achieve the desired effect, forcing the stylist to cut the hair from odd positions, such as upward angles and specific non-parallel lines. By switching to swivel shears, you will be able to do all of these different cuts without dislocating your wrist or elbow. The angle of the cut is determined by the position of the thumb. These shears allow you to cut from any position, and they lower the tension on your muscles and tendons. This can help prevent disorders caused by this stress and can also help you give your clients the style they desire. You can choose to purchase a curved blade to complement rounded cuts, such as the bowl, which often require several layers of cutting to achieve the same effect.