The Mission

At the Shark Fin Shear Company, our only goal is to offer you the most technologically advanced shears in the world, that will make your job as a professional hairstylist/barber the most comfortable and healthiest it can be. Our patented technology has been tested for over 20 years throughout the world and is proven to dramatically help you throughout your career on a daily basis.

"I personally guarantee it!"

Randy Ferman, CEO/Founder

The Ambassadors

  • Woman with short rainbow hair in black shirt

    “I love that Shark Fin offers their full line for lefties instead of only one or two like most brands. Doubel bonus for me as an extention artist is how great the line is for dry cutting. The Monarch and Double Shark are my favs.”

    Jes Goss


  • person with short haircut, glasses and lip rings

    “I love that Shark Fin offers their full line for lefties instead of only one or two like most brands. Doubel bonus for me as an extention artist is how great the line is for dry cutting. The Monarch and Double Shark are my favs.”

    Thundercat Louise


  • girl with purple hair holding shears

    “I love that Shark Fin offers their full line for lefties instead of only one or two like most brands. Doubel bonus for me as an extention artist is how great the line is for dry cutting. The Monarch and Double Shark are my favs.”

    Marlys Mendez


  • black and white picture of guy with beard

    “I love that Shark Fin offers their full line for lefties instead of only one or two like most brands. Doubel bonus for me as an extention artist is how great the line is for dry cutting. The Monarch and Double Shark are my favs.”

    Keenan Jennings


  • woman with tattooed arm and curly hair sitting in chair

    Being in the hair industry for 13 years, I started my career not fully understanding how different shears could be. That all changed when I held a pair of Shark Fins. I know that sounds silly because they’re JUST scissors, right?! WRONG!! Shark Fin Shears changed my life and my career. From everyday layering to slide-cutting and face-framing, these beauties take the cake. They’re my go-to shears. The ergonomic swivel design is an absolute godsend, especially for those with wrist pain. Try them. You won’t be disappointed!

    Alexandra Wais


  • girl with ginger hair, blue eyes and nose piercings

    Being a hairstylist for over 15 years really puts a strain on my wrist. I decided to get swivel shears from Shark Fin early on in my career and I’m so glad that I did. They have saved my wrists and provided me with the perfect cutting tools to provide top-notch service to my guests.

    Vanessa Williamson


  • guy with backwards hair and black nike shirt

    The hair industry is constantly changing its style, cuts, and colors but what I count on is Shark Fin Shears always providing the consistent quality time and time again, making life easier for your everyday barber/stylist.

    Antonio Villegas


  • woman with green and pink hair with black and white shirt

    I specialize in vintage hair and vivid color. I love my rainbow titanium Shark Fin shears because it just adds more excitement and fun to my clients’ experience. They’re just so pretty! The custom fit and lightweight design feel wonderful in my small hand.

    Sarah Kelly


  • guy sitting down in striped polo and blonde hair

    Shark Fin shears have been the best tools to be equipped with while learning the art of hair cutting. Their ergonomic design teaches newcomers the importance of comfort while cutting and sets the path of maintaining proper posture for a pain-free career. The best part of it all – the precision that these shears allow for the most technical cuts.



  • girl with black and red hair and nose rings

    The Shark Fin Monarch shear was my first investment during cosmetology school. Before making this investment, I gathered a lot of information, and I made the decision to proceed with the Shark Fin. I noticed that other brands would leave me with hand and wrist pain as I moved from client to client. Because Shark Fin provides the relief of a swivel thumb, it was a game-changer, and I will never go back to a non-swivel shear again. In addition, it provides precise cuts for every use. Pairing the efficiency of the shears and the swivel has allowed me to achieve effortless cuts and satisfied clients.



  • guy with beard sitting holding out shears

    Shark Fin offered multiple left-handed shears at affordable prices, which is a rare find for southpaws like me. I’ve used them for around 8 months now and they’re just as sharp and precise as day one. Shark Fin elevated my cuts to another level and I’m now a Shark Fin customer for life!

    Jonny Russell


  • woman with hat on red hair with blonde streak and nose piercing in yellow shirt

    As a stylist for 10 years, there’s nothing I recommend more to other professionals like I do Shark Fin. I love them for both dry cutting on my curly guests, as well as wet cutting on my traditional guests. The versatility of their finger-fitting systems is a game changer. Not to mention their swivel and double swivel shears are top-notch!

    Jay Artist


  • guys in front of Vivo sign with white hat, white coat, white hoodie and white pants

    In school, I knew that Shark Fin’s ergonomic design was made for me. My first step was investing in myself and my shears. Next was graduating in 2016 and throwing myself into the industry, not knowing if I would sink or swim. Getting my first 5.5 swivels jumpstarted my cutting experience and is protecting my wrist long-term! I love my shears and the cuts they help me produce every day. I know a brand like Shark Fin always has my back.

    Matthew Louis


  • woman with pink hair holding shears

    As a color specialist, I didn’t put too much thought into my shears until I got my Shark Fins. My haircut game was immediately changed. The ergonomic design is so easy and comfortable, and they cut like no other. It’s hard to find a high-quality swivel shear as a lefty (not to mention one that looks this good!) My rainbow Shark Fins are my #1 shear, and they never fail to put a smile on my client’s faces. I’m a Shark Fin fan for life!

    Jessica Van Dusen


  • guy in front of lake with puma hoodie on

    Even before starting cosmetology school, I knew I wanted to own a pair of Shark Fins. They are versatile and have many options to choose from. Being left-handed they have plenty of shears to accompany me for every type of hair I come across. They feel comfortable in my hands, and they cut very smoothly, never pulling or bending their hair. Shark Fin is a great example of what a shear should be like.

    Cameron Soheili


  • girl with green, yellow and orange hair in black and white checked shirt in front of tie-dye wall

    “My custom Shark Fin Shears are the reason why I love cutting hair. The swivel helps to protect my wrist from aching and becoming damaged, so I can continue my passion for as long as I want. Plus my clients are always excited to see my pretty holographic shears! Thank you guys for creating shears that are ergonomic and fit my style!”

    Izzy Rooney


  • guy with backwards baseball cap sitting down

    As a person, I can’t change the world, but I can change the world of one person… one hair cut at a time. Shark Fin Shears are comfortable, have an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue, and allows me to do what I do best day in and day out, client after client!

    Troy Hugie


  • girl with leopard print shirt

    I was introduced to Shark Fin Shears 3 years ago and haven’t looked back since. My favorite set is the swivel set, it has boosted my hair-cutting confidence and I love that I can use it on so many different hair textures. Its ergonomic features live up to its name. Shark Fin Shears will forever be a part of my career.

    Karina Rios


  • close up of man holding shear

    It’s simple, ever since I was a kid I always loved haircuts, every aspect! from the sound of the clippers turning on, the soft crunching noise the blade makes during that crispy “line-up” … all the way down to the finished product, there’s honestly nothing better … For me, it’s all about the look, the style & most importantly the feeling … That fresh cut “vibe” you embody as soon as you get out of my chair.. That ready-for-the-world confidence that only comes from a barber committed to YOU, and your style.. that’s what drives me, taking each and every cut to the next level! Only Shark Fin Shears have helped me embody that fresh-cut “vibe”! They’re part of my everyday haircut routine!

    Jesus Bojorquez


  • woman with blue curly hair and pink lips

    I am a firm believer that artists need the right tools to enhance their work. I searched for months to find the right pair of shears to take my haircutting game to the next level. I came across Shark Fin Shears after months of researching and I now own 3 pairs. I absolutely love Shark Fin! The ergonomic design makes haircutting easy and less strenuous on your hand and wrist. I will never purchase any other brand of shears. I highly recommend them to everyone! I am a forever customer!

    Melissa Reynolds


  • guy with red and white shirt with backpack

    “Precision. That’s the word I think of first when it comes to my Shark Fin Shears. They are extremely comfortable, cut buttery-smooth, and allow me to be extremely precise with my cuts.”

    Ryan White


  • shears cutting hair in front of woman

    Hair cutting wasn’t my favorite until I bought my first pair of Shark Fin swivel shears and now it’s the favorite part of my career. I realize being able to customize my tools improved my skills and the quality of the haircuts I give my clients. My clients love when I pull out my rainbow shears, it’s just another way I can show my personality in my work!

    Haylee Pittman


  • close up girl with shear by eye

    “My Shark Fin Shears are lightweight and allow me to create a beautiful, effortless & strong foundation. Movement & longevity are necessary for my dimensional lived in looks & these shears provide that and more. Can’t wait to add to my collection.”

    Alyssa Nicole


  • girl in tshirt with blonde hair

    After getting out of cosmetology school, I started out barbering, Shark Fin Shears was the obvious choice for a new set. Almost 4 years later and I love them just as much as day 1. Also, being a lefty, I love that they have a wider range of left-handed shears to choose from.

    Baylee McCallen