Does Every Stylist Need Professional Hair Cutting Shears?

While it is possible to cut hair with standard scissors, you will encounter a problem with keeping the scissors sharp and ready to use. Professional hair- cutting shears are made of harder steel, with convex blades that give a more precise cut. They also allow you to cut hair for 40 hours a week, without having to sharpen the blades every month. There are several reasons to consider professional hair cutting shears, not the least of which is the quality of cut available to your clients. Our shears also come with our unconditional lifetime warranty, which guarantees you a pair of shears free from manufacturer’s defects. They also come with the Shear Fit system that allows you to adjust the inside of the grips to be an exact fit for your fingers. This gives you more control over your cuts, and helps alleviate the strain on the tendons and muscles of your hand. One thing you must remember when using professional hair-cutting shears is that they should only be sharpened by professionals. This is to keep them in the best condition and to eliminate the danger of damaging the convex shape of the blades. If you need help finding a certified sharpener in your area, please contact us at 888-544-7254