Finding the Best Japanese Scissors

There are several companies that promote Japanese scissors, but we offer only the highest quality shears. All of our shears are made from Hitachi steel, one of the hardest steels to work with. This steel has a high hardness rating, which means it will hold an edge longer and provide you with years of quality haircuts, instead of the months offered by lower quality shears. It is important to note that our Japanese scissors are hand crafted and are not made in a mold. This type of crafting gives the shears a better balance. It also prevents them from breaking where the blade meets the handles, which is often a problem when using cast forged or drop forged shears. Because they are hand crafted, they are a bit more expensive than other shears, but if you spread the cost over the number of years you will be able to use the shears, our scissors are actually a lower annual price.

Another great advantage of using our shears is that they allow you to make cuts from almost any angle. One of the major problems, when cutting hair, is that angled cuts are hard to do with standard shears. This is why our swivel shears are so unique. They allow you to position your shears at an angle and still achieve an even cut. This lets you do asymmetrical bobs or cross cut bangs, with a minimum of tension on your wrist, hand, and tendons. You can also achieve specific styles without moving your client into a variety of different positions, but by simply moving your hand to the appropriate angle.