Start Your Career on the Right Foot with Professional Hair Shears

If you are new to the beauty industry, there is one important fact that must always be kept in the front of your mind. The only way to create a quality hairstyle is to use professional hair shears. While other shears may be said to cut hair in any style, only professional shears have the durability and control to allow you to cut hair 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, without having to be sharpened every month. To make it easier for new students to start their career in beauty, we offer two different student kits. There is a standard kit, which has everything you need for basic styles, shaping, texturing and maintenance of your shears. There is also a deluxe kit that includes extra shears, combs and shears designed exclusively for use on your mannequin heads. This allows you to have one set of shears for practice, and another for when you start working on customers. This also eliminates the need to sharpen your shears after school, and lets you start your career with the right professional hair shears. Both of our student kits come with the Shear-Fit system that allows you to customize your shears to fit your fingers. Most professional hair shears are made with a standard-sized grip and may be too loose on your fingers. By inserting one of the adaptors into the opening in the grip, you will have custom fit shears at a fraction of the cost of getting a set tailor-made just for your hands. It also gives you more control and less fatigue, so you can cut hair longer, with better results, than with poor-fitting shears.