Left-Handed Shears are Available in Student Kits

Many different cosmetology schools provide kits for their new students, which include everything from mannequin heads to cleaning kits. The problem is that these kits are often designed for students who are right handed, and they do not include the option to add left-handed shears. This leaves students who are left handed with the option of purchasing their own shears, or trying to learn how to cut hair with their non-dominant hand. There is a solution to this problem, and it is only a phone call away. We offer a complete selection of BCA-approved kits specifically for left-handed students. These include everything you need to start your career as a stylist, with the added bonus of being designed for students who are left handed. We even have a deluxe kit, for students who want to start their new career with the highest quality tools available. We offer discounts to students, so please call us at 888-544-7254 for pricing information.

Our deluxe student kit includes left-handed shears, one pair for use on clients, and another specifically designed for use with your mannequin head. We also include two 28-tooth thinning shears — again, one for clients and one for your mannequin. There is even a Shark razor for contouring and undercutting specific styles. You also get lubricating oil, a polishing cloth, combs, five sets of the Shear-Fit fitting system, and a faux-leather pouch. All of the shears in the kit are the same high quality as our regular shears and also come with the unconditional lifetime warranty.