I Am Having Problems with Holding My Hair Scissors

Many people have problems when holding their scissors because of the looseness of the grip. We offer a solution that can help eliminate this problem and give you the comfortable fit you want, without the danger of added stress to your tendons and joints. Most grips are made for people with large fingers, and it can be expensive to order a custom set of shears, but that used to be the only way to get a pair to fit your fingers. Instead of ordering an expensive pair of custom shears, all of our hair scissors come with our Shear Fit Finger Fitting system. This is a series of inserts that will adjust the interior hole on the grip to be a more exact match to your fingers.

Each insert is a slightly different size, so all you have to do is find the one that best fits your fingers and place them in the current holes on the grip. Each insert is made from high quality plastic, so you will not have the pressure of bare steel against your fingers. This reduces stress on your joints and tendons, and it could even help prevent damage to your hands, as you get older. Our innovative grip system also provides the best ergonomic design to keep your fingers in the proper positions. This is where your central finger is directly over your thumb. Several shears have your index finger positioned over the thumb, which can add extra stress to the hand. Moving the finger and adjusting the grips to fit your fingers is the first step in providing you with the highest quality hair cutting scissors available.