Why Shark Fin

our patented technology

Shark Fin® shears are the most technologically advanced
shears in the world today!


What makes Shark Fin® different?

Our innovative patented handle combined with our Shear Fit™ finger fitting system offers the professional stylist the ONLY true ergonomically designed shear in the world today. Only our Shear Fit™ finger fitting system allows our shears to be custom fitted to the stylist’s own exact thumb and ring finger diameter for perfect control, comfort, and a relaxed grip.

We have spent more than 20 years developing and designing our shears, specifically to help professional stylists help their hands! They are so unique we have been issued patents on our Shark Fin® handle design in the United States, Canada, and all of Europe.

Our Shark Fin® shear is the most ergonomically designed and most comfortable shear available at any price!

Patented Shear Fit Finger Fitting System

As a professional stylist, you know that virtually all scissors are “one size” fits all fingers… until now. All SHARK-FIN shears come standard with our patented “SHEAR FIT”™ system, offering stylists finger-fitting comfort with every pair of shears!

Most stylists find themselves continually fighting to grip their shears. Not with Shear Fit! Now you can add or remove special finger guards as needed to fit your fingers PROPERLY. SHARK-FIN Shears come with 4-6 different guard sizes so that you can custom fit your Shark Fin® shear to fit your specific finger and thumb diameter size.

silver shear with blue ring guards showing patented handle and shear finger fitting system

quality control

At the Shark Fin Shear Company we don’t import our shears pre-packaged like most other companies because we have no way of knowing “what’s in the box”. Shark Fin Shears are shipped to us loose—packaged individually … and before any Shark Fin Shear is shipped and touches your hand, it is inspected, tested and quality controlled by our trained technicians using over 30 steps and procedures. So, when you receive your Shark Fin Shears, we know that they will exceed your cutting expectations.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality shears at any price!!

I personally guarantee it—Randy Ferman, CEO/Founder

Forged vs. Cast

Whenever buying a quality shear you ALWAYS want to make sure that they have the following features:

  • That they are forged/hand welded ….not cast
  • That the handles are made separately from the blades and hand welded
  • That they are made from 440-A or higher Japanese/Japanese
    Hitachi/Aichi steel
  • That they have full convex blades
photo showing cast vs. forged shears

Shark Fin™ shears are forged/hand welded handle to blades, to insure excellent balance, great control, and proper blade alignment.

All Shark Fin shears have hand-honed, full convex edges. Shark Fin shears are made from the highest quality 440-A, 440-C, VG10 & ATS-314 Japanese Hitachi steel. The handles are made separately from the blades and then are hand-welded together, giving our shears excellent balance and “tuneability.”

With lower quality shears, they are cast in one piece. This makes them more brittle as well as harder to balance and “tune.” All Shark Fin shears are 100% Hitachi/Aichi hand made. Unlike a cast shear… if it is dropped and bent, because of our 2 piece construction our shears can be realigned without the risk of breaking as can happen with a lower quality “cast” shear.

This process is more labor and cost intensive, but it gives you a much higher quality, longer lasting, better cutting product for years of great styling.

ergonomic design

The 3 Major Handle Designs

There are only three general types of shear handle designs. Shark Fin Shears are designed with the crane grip, the best & most ergonomical design.

Opposing Grip
showing old shear design
Offset Grip
showing updated shear design
Crane Grip
shear with shark fin design

Opposing grip is the oldest design, and the least ergonomically correct. The problem with this design is, it forces your thumb underneath your ring finger, thus creating a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on your nerves and tendons.

Eventually the shear manufactures realized that moving the thumb forward was a more ergonomically correct way to make a shear and the "offset" handle came out. Better... but still not the best from an ergonomic standpoint.

Finally the "full offset" or "crane grip" was developed. As you can see... it moves your thumb from under your ring finger to under your index finger. This releases all the pressure and stress put on the nerves and tendons in your hand and thumb. ALL of our SHARK-FIN shears are made with the Crane grip. Also notice that we don't use screw on finger rests as they tend to fall off. Ours are part of the shear... one less thing to worry about.

swivel demo

Our Shark Fin Swivel Thumb shear is far superior than any other swivel shear because of our patented handle design which allows the stylist to have more contact with the shear, thus allowing for unbelievable comfort, control and precise cutting.

Our Shark-Fin swivel allows for the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder to be in a more natural position which translates into hours of comfortable cutting and less pain and fatigue associated with using a more traditional shear or a swivel shear without our Shark-Fin handle.

“If you’re not using our SHARK-FIN swivel shear… you don’t know what you’re missing”

Benefits of Swivel
Notice how the wrist starts out bent, with the fingers pointed towards the floor. This is how you’re cutting all day with a non-Swivel shear. Now as you rotate the shear, your wrist becomes straight, your shoulder and elbow will drop and you’re now in a more natural cutting position. All stress and pressure is relieved with correct nerve and tendon alignment achieved.

Slide Cutting
With a non-swivel shear you start out with your wrist bent and your hand turned in towards your body, with our patented Shark-Fin shear you are able to rotate the shear… lock your middle finger against our Shark-Fin handle and straighten you wrist. Again, you’re now in a more natural cutting position. All stress and pressure is relieved with correct nerve and tendon alignment achieved.

Instead of your hand being bent in an unnatural position, simply lock your middle finger against our Shark-Fin handle and point your thumb towards the tip of the blades. Look at how straight your wrist will be, putting you in a very comfortable cutting position.

How it’s Made: Shark Fin Shears