Why Have a Variety of Professional Hair Scissors

When you are a new stylist and are still in training, most of your initial hair styling will be done on a mannequin. This is because you have to learn the techniques before you start working on living clients. It is also easier to fix a mistake on a head that can be moved to almost any position, than on ones that are firmly attached to a living person. Because your initial cuttings are on a mannequin, you may want to have a second set of shears for your actual clinical work.

As you become more experienced, you will understand that different types of hair require different tools to create styles that are more advanced. One of the most important tools for any stylist is a pair of professional texture shears. These shears are designed to cut some of the hairs, but not all, giving the final cut more body and control. The problem is that each person has a different thickness of hair strand, so would require a different type of texturing shear.

The different types of professional hair scissors that are for texturing come with a variety of different teeth. They are categorized based upon the number of teeth on the entire shear, not a number per inch. When working with very coarse hair, you will want either 7 or 15 teeth. If you are working with fine hair, then 40 teeth are preferable. The final size is 28 teeth, which is ideal for normal types of hair, which would be between fine and coarse.