Choosing between Various Haircutting Scissors

When you are a new stylist, you may have difficulty in finding the right pair of haircutting scissors. There are so many different grips and sizes that, unless you have experience in the field, you may not understand exactly what each of the implements do. You also have to consider the type of cutting you will be performing for your clients. Standard cuts often require a simple pair of shears, while texturing styles may require texturing shears with various teeth for thinning and shaping hair. The other consideration when choosing haircutting scissors is your personal preference for swivel or non-swivel handles. The main difference between the two types of handles is the amount of control afforded by each type of grip. Swivel handles are often used by stylists who are going to be cutting at angles and who may want the control to make asymmetrical cuts with a minimum of twisting their wrists. Most professional stylists will have both types of haircutting scissors, which allows them to choose the best grip type based upon the style they are currently cutting for their client. The size of the grip used to be an important factor when choosing shears, but with our Shear Fit technology, that is no longer a primary concern. This is because you choose the insert that best fits your fingers. This allows you to have a pair of custom fit shears at a fraction of the cost of ordering a personalized design. This system works with both the swivel and non-swivel scissors, so you will always have a pair of comfortable shears, no matter which one you are currently using.