Only Work with Professional Scissors in Your Salon

When you own your own salon, you want to make sure that all of your stylists are using the highest quality tools available. This ensures that your clients are getting the best service with tools that will not damage or discolor their hair. Most stylists have no idea, but low quality scissors are often made with too much iron, instead of pure stainless steel. This can lead to red streaks in the client’s hair — especially if you are cutting his or her hair after it has been lightened, or streaked. Discolored hair is often a sign of low quality shears. Many shears made with a base metal are also coated to appear stainless steel, which causes a problem when the coating wears off and the shears begin to rust. This causes them to lose their edge and requires them to be sharpened more often. Another benefit of using professional scissors in your salon is a consistency that can help you encourage your clients to return. People who go to a salon and get a great cut one visit, but a mediocre cut the second, are less likely to return to the salon. One-way to ensure you always have a high quality cut is to use professional scissors that are properly sharpened and tooled correctly. Lower quality shears often have too large of a gap between the blades, causing some of the hair to bend instead of being cut. This leaves small hairs that are not cut to the same length, called tags, which stick out once the hair has been washed and dried the first time at home.