Why choose Japanese Scissors for your Salon

Having the best equipment is the key to success. This is true for stylists as well as chefs. The thing that makes our Japanese scissors such high quality is that they are made from Hitachi steel. This is the same steel that is used in the culinary world for long lasting chef knives. They have higher tensile strength, making them harder to bend and this also allows them to keep their edge sharp longer than cheaper steel blades.
Using Japanese Scissors for Everyday Styles

It may seem that purchasing high-end Japanese scissors for your everyday haircutting needs is excessive. Not every hairstyle you create is going to be the next masterpiece at a hair show, but you should treat every customer as if he or she is going to be walking down the red carpet. Using high quality scissors allows you to create contemporary styles with a minimum of effort. Your clients will notice a cleaner cut, giving them a reason to return every time they need a haircut.