Having the Proper Grip with your Professional Scissors

There are three different types of grips available with professional scissors. The first two are the opposing grip and the offset grip, which places your thumb directly under your ring finger. This can put pressure on your nerves and tendons because of the unnatural position of your entire hand. That is why we offer the crane grip, which places you thumb in the natural position under your index finger, keeping your hand in its natural relaxed position.
Are all Professional Scissors made with One Size Fits All Grips

It is possible to get professional scissors that are custom fit to your fingers, but the cost is usually prohibitive for most stylists. Instead of spending the money to have custom grips made, we offer an easier solution. Our scissors come with our Shear Fit™ system, which gives you a selection of inserts that adjust the interior opening of your grips. This allows you to create custom fit shears with no extra cost.