What makes our Professional Hair Shears Unique

One of the things that make our professional hair shears unique is our fitting system. All of our shears come with our patented Shear Fit䋢 system that lets you adjust the hole size on our shears. This gives you a comfortable fit and reduces the amount of stress placed on your finger when you use the shears. We also have a 30-point quality control inspection process that insures you will be able to enjoy years of use out of every pair of shears you purchase.
Important Information about Professional Hair Shears

Whenever you purchase professional hair shears, it is important for you to know how the shears are manufactured. Some shears are cast in a mold and then sharpened. Our shears are never cast but are forged by hand. Almost 90 percent of the manufacturing process is done by hand, which does take longer but gives you a high quality product that you can use for years. This is why we can have enough confidence in our products to offer a lifetime warranty.