Finding Professional Haircutting Shears for Left Handed People

If you are left handed, it can be difficult to shop for professional haircutting shears. This is because 90 percent of the shears made are designed for use by right handed cutters. Unlike other manufacturers, we are the only shear company in the world that offers a full line shears specifically designed for people who use their left hand as their primary cutting hand. These shears are of the same high quality as all of our products and are designed specifically with these stylists in mind.
Adjusting the Finger hole diameter on Professional Haircutting Shears

Most professional haircutting shears are made with a standard sized ring and thumb holes. We are the only shear company that supply the professional stylist with a set of our patented Shear Fit finger fitting system that allows you to custom fit your shears to exact ring finger and thumb diameter for a perfect fit. This is extremely important because each stylists fingers and thumbs are different sizes. Having a collection of different sized inserts allows you the flexibility to customize your shears to fit your hand, instead of having to adjust your hand to fit the shears.