Using Texturizing Hair Cutting Shears can make Styling Easier

It is difficult to texture hair when using a razor. Instead of relying on this older method of shaping a style, you can use texturizing hair cutting shears to make the job easier. All you have to do is make alternating cuts at an angle parallel to the final style. This allows your client to have hair that curls under or over the neckline without the extra time involved with using a curling rod or hot rollers. It also makes the style easier to recreate after the first washing
When to Sharpen your Professional Hair Cutting Shears

Having sharp hair cutting shears is important to have a smooth, even cut. To keep your shears in top condition, they should be sharpened approximately every 500 cuts, or about every two to three months. It is easy to tell when your shears are getting dull; all you have to do is watch the way the shears cut through the hair. Dull shears will leave tags as certain hairs are missed during the cutting process. When these tags start to appear in your cuts, it is time to have your shears professionally sharpened.