Learning how to Care for your Hair Cutting Scissors

New stylists may have difficulty learning the best way to care for their hair cutting scissors. There are specific ways to clean, fit and adjust your shears that will make your experience more rewarding. We have a complete line of videos that allow you to see the processes needed to complete these tasks. Each video combines verbal instructions with a visual presentation that will appeal to any type of stylist trying to get the most out of their equipment.

Understand the Different Types of Hair Cutting Scissors When you are ready to purchase your first set of hair cutting scissors, you may not understand all of the different technical words used when describing the scissors. Our videos give you examples of different handle types, blade types and measurement examples so you will know exactly what type of shear you need. They can also help you with common questions regarding your shears, such as why purchase swivel shears and why do my shears fold the hair.