Getting the Correct Fit when You Purchase Hair Scissors

It can be difficult to find hair scissors that fit your fingers. Every pair of scissors is made with a standard sized grip, which is always a little larger than the average finger size. The alternative is to use our Shear Fit system to adjust the interior grip sizes. These allow you to purchase our shears and then turn them into a pair of custom fitted scissors with one-step. You can then use a pair of comfortably, properly fitted shears to give your clients the best hairstyle possible.
Choosing Between Swivel and Non Swivel Hair Scissors

The main difference between swivel and non-swivel hair scissors is the thumb grip. Swivel scissors allow you to move the thumb grip 180 degrees, giving you the freedom to cut at various angles without stress to the tendons and ligaments in your wrist. This gives you more control, especially when you are making angles cuts for asymmetrical bobs or specific style designs for more formal hairstyles.