Professional Scissors make Braiding Easier

The most difficult part of braiding hair is having all of the hair the same length. People with asymmetrical cuts have hair that is harder to braid because the hair is of different lengths. Using professional scissors gives you an even cutline so you end up with smooth braids. Uneven hair causes braids to have tags that stick out along the braid line, making the braid look messy and old, even when it is first created.
Using Professional Scissors to Prepare Hair for Braiding

The first step in creating a beautiful braid is to cut all of the hair to the same length. This can be done by creating a broomstick cut for long hair or making a bob for shorter hair. If you are creating several braids of various thicknesses, then you can use your scissors to create an angled line, as long as the line matches the placement of the braids. This is important, especially when making complicated braiding, such as a crown or seven-strand braid for more formal hairstyles.