It is Important to Start your Career with Professional Hair Scissors

When you are getting ready to start cosmetology school, it is important to have professional hair scissors in your BCA kit. We offer a complete selection of kits, with both swivel and non-swivel shears. The kit comes with both a regular shear and a texturing shear, so you will be ready to start your path with the right tools. You also get a polishing cloth, razor, case, and a shear oil pen, so you will have everything you need to start your career as a stylist.
Keeping your Professional Hair Scissors Sharp

Keeping your professional hair scissors sharp can be difficult, unless you purchase your shears from us. We have two different ways to have your shears sharpened without voiding your lifetime warranty. You can contact us to learn of a certified sharpener in your area or mail your shears into our service department. The first step is to call us toll free at 888-544-7254.