Having the Proper Left Handed Shears is Important for Professional Styles

People who are left handed often have a difficult time finding shears that will work correctly. We have a complete line of left-handed shears that are designed for stylists that use their left as their primary hand. The angle of the blades and the cutting surfaces are designed to allow pressure from the left hand to give you an even, professional cut every time.
Do I have to Purchase Left Handed Shears

While it is possible to use shears in your right hand, you may not have the complexity or control if your primary hand is your left. Left-handed shears are made to be used by left-handed people and should not be confused with regular shears, which are made for people who are right handed. You should also avoid mixing your shears with others in your salon, because the cutting angle will be wrong for someone who is right handed, just as their shears would be wrong for you.