How Frequently do I Sharpen my Barber Scissors

There is no set amount of time you need to wait before you sharpen your barber scissors. Some stylists believe that you need to have a professional sharpening every 3 to 6 months, but this is not true. With proper care, oiling and adjustments, you should be able to use your scissors for a full year before they need to be sharpened.

How do I Clean and Adjust my Barber Scissors to Avoid Damage? It is important to properly oil, clean, and adjust the tension on your barber scissors to avoid damage to the blades. The most common reason that people feel their shears need sharpening more frequently is because they are not properly cleaned and lubricated after every use and that the blade tension is not adjusted on a daily basis. Improper blade tension will cause the shears fold the hair instead of cutting, causing you to assume they are dull when they are actually out of tension adjustment. Our line of videos will show you the proper method that should be used when cleaning and adjusting blade tension on your shears.