Having Problems Finding Hair Cutting Scissors for South Paws

Many manufacturers seem to think that everyone who is going to hold a pair of scissors is right handed. We know that this can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to purchase professional hair cutting scissors for your salon. This is why we have a complete collection of left-handed shears that incorporate all of our different styles and types of shears.

Which Hair Cutting Scissors Should I Purchase?

If you are unsure which pair of scissors would be best for your needs, we do offer several sets of shears. These combine the most common types of shears for left-handed persons. We have both swivel and non-swivel sets, so you can choose which type of handle works best for your style of cutting. If you are doing a large amount of intricate cuts, such as asymmetrical bobs and textured bangs, you might to better with the swivel set of shears. The main reason for choosing the swivel shears is that they give you more freedom to cut hair at a variety of different angles. This allows you to do the most complex styles with a minimum of strain on your fingers. They also let you adjust your grip to be the most comfortable to you, even if that means your thumb is slightly bent, as opposed to straight. There is also no reason not to choose both types of shears and for you to use the one that best suits your current client. You could use the non-swivel shears for simpler cuts, such as broomsticks, and switch to the swivel shears when you are faced with more complex hairstyles and designs.