Enjoy the Durability of Quality Japanese Shears

Hearing the phrase Japanese shears, you may think that the shears we offer are made in Japan. What it really means is that our shears are made from Aogami or Japanese blue steel. This is the type of steel manufactured by Hitachi Steel, one of the premier manufacturers in the world. It has a very high hardness level, which translates into less sharpening, and longer-lasting blades for your shears. Our shears are also forged and never cast. This detail means that the shears take longer to create, but will last a lifetime, instead of just a couple of years. We create blades that are convex, giving you a smooth and even cut, no matter what type of hair you are working on. The forging process gives you a better balance, greater control, and the proper blade alignment, which gives you a high quality set of haircutting shears that will never need replacement. When you purchase our Japanese shears, you are buying high quality blades that will save you money every year. This is because the hardness of the blades helps eliminate frequent sharpening. With this type of steel, you should only have to sharpen your shears once a year, instead of every 3 to 6 months.

How are Blue Steel Japanese Shears Different?

The difference between blue steel and white steel is that the blue has chromium and tungsten added. This makes the steel more durable and gives your Japanese shears a longer-lasting edge. It also provides corrosion resistance, which is vital to hair stylists, who often cut hair while it is still wet.