Using the Proper Haircutting Shears Makes Your Job Easier

Hair stylists often run into problems because there are so many different textures of hair. People with coarse hair are often harder to style, unless you use a combination of cutting and texturizing shears. Using the proper haircutting shears can make your job easier, because you will be able to create the styles that your client wants. Many people with coarse hair want flat styles — similar to the ones they see on television and movie actors. To achieve this type of style, you have to use texturizing shears to thin the hair and give it the ability to lie down after styling.

Do You Need Different Haircutting Shears for Different Clients?

While it would be ideal to has a specific set of haircutting shears for each hair type, this is often not feasible, due to economic considerations. That is why stylists like to get one good set of shears that will work with any hair type, either fine or coarse. Our shears are made from high quality Hitachi steel. This gives our blades a sharper edge, allowing them to cut any type of hair with a minimum of work. Even if your client has very fine hair, these shears will give you an even cut, every time.