We also Offer Pet Grooming Shears

While many people know about our quality hair cutting shears, they may not know that we also offer a line of pet grooming shears. These shears are designed with thicker metal, and a higher hardness, to cut through the coarsest hair and allow you to remove large mats with a minimum of fuss. You can even use these shears to do a rough cut, allowing dog hair to retain its uneven coat, which helps repel water and retain heat.
Is it Important to have Sharp Pet Grooming Shears

Just like cutting hair on people, pets also react to dull shears because they can pull the hair instead of cutting evenly. Having sharp pet grooming shears allows you to remove matting and create an even smooth cut. This also eliminates the danger of pulling the hair, which could cause even the most gentle of animals to react to the pain with aggression. Sharper shears also speeds up the cutting process, allowing you to service more clients per day, increasing your income.