Why Forged Japanese Shears are the Preferred Tool for Stylists

There are two different ways to make scissors used to cut hair. The old method is by casting the metal into a mold, which makes the shears more brittle and less likely to hold their balance over time. The preferred method is to forge the shears, which involves more time but gives you a longer lasting, higher quality shear. We use only Japanese Hitachi steel for high quality Japanese shears.
Why are Hitachi Steel Japanese Shears so Expensive

Hitachi steel Japanese shears are more expensive because 90 percent of the manufacturing process is done by hand. This is to give you a quality product that will last a lifetime. This is the reason that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our shears, because we know the quality of the material and stand behind the workmanship of our shears. If there is ever a problem with the manufacturing on your shears, you can return them to us for either repair or replacement as long as you own the shears, no questions asked.