Choosing between Swivel and Non-Swivel Grooming Shears

Choosing the correct type of grooming shears is important when you work as a stylist. The difference between swivel and non-swivel shears is the movability of the thumb. This feature allows you to cut hair from any angle, which is perfect for particularly difficult hairstyles. The non-swivel shears allow you to have exact control during straight line cuts, such as bangs and broomsticks. The other advantage of swivel grooming shears is their ability to relieve some of the stress on the tendons of your hand. This makes these ergonomic shears more forgiving for people who spend eight to ten hours every day cutting hair. Between the amount of control and the comfort of the ergonomic design, many stylists prefer swivel shears when working with final cut elements, and straight shears when doing the initial shaping of the style.

Are all Grooming Shears Created Equal?

We are happy to say that all of our grooming shears are created with the same level of care. All of our shears are made from top grade Japanese steel and are forged to have the perfect convex blades. This allows our shears to keep their edge longer, thus requiring less sharpening. We also offer our Shear Fit system, which allows you to custom fit every pair of shears to your specific finger size. This type of fitting allows you to have comfortable shears that will not put excess pressure on the tendons and nerves in your hand. Stylists often have a problem with tendonitis, due to the long hours they spend cutting hair with poorly fitted shears, but our system helps you remove some of that risk and reduces the pressure that can cause this disorder.