Choosing the Right Grooming Shears for your Business

It is important to have the highest quality grooming shears for your business. This allows you clients to get the best hairstyles available and keeps them coming back as repeat business. We offer a complete collection of high quality shears for almost any type of hairstylist. We even have a line of left-handed shears that offer the same high quality and precision as our other shears.
Information about Keeping your Grooming Shears Sharp

The hardest part about owning a set of quality grooming shears is keeping them as sharp as possible. We can help you by making it simple to get a professional to sharpen your shears by having our own sharpening service. All you have to do is call our toll-free number, 888-544-7254, and we will help you arrange to send your shears back to our service department. The price even includes the cost of returning the shears to you and the insurance to protect against loss during shipping.