How to Texture Hair with Hair Cutting Scissors

One of the hardest parts of texturing hair is having the right equipment. If you do not have a set of texturing shears, you can get the same effect with hair cutting scissors. What you have to remember is that you are cutting the hair at an angle and only using every quarter of an inch of hair. This leaves the majority of the hair at the proper length while giving your client the ability to add volume without sacrificing length.
High Quality Hair Cutting Scissors Give High Quality Style

Cutting a client’s hair can be easy or difficult, depending on the quality of hair cutting scissors you are using. High quality scissors allow you to make a single cut and low quality scissors may require you to make several cuts to get the same effect. Our shears are made from the best material so they will stay sharper longer, giving you the ability to create fantastic hairstyles for every client in your salon.