Using the Correct Professional Shears for your Hair Styles

The type of hair that your client has can affect the choice of which pair of professional shears you need. This is especially true when you are trying to texture hair and need to make sure you do not over-thin the hair. Courser hair needs to be textured with shears that have wider teeth, around 15 teeth per inch. Fine hair should be textured with shears that have about 40 teeth per inch, so you do not have large gaps in the hair that are visible when it is styled.
How Often should I Sharpen my Professional Shears

The frequency that you need to sharpen your professional shears depends on the number of cuts you do during the average week. Most professional sharpeners will tell you that you need to check the blades every six months. The easiest way to tell if your shears need to be sharpened is to cut a lock of extra hair and see if it bends between the blades or gives you a clean cut on the first try.