The Best Way to Sharpen your Barber Scissors

Stylists have several options when it comes time to sharpen their barber scissors. When you order our scissors, you also get the advantage of our sharpening service that charges you a set fee for service. All you have to do is call us at 888-544-7254 and we will give you directions to a certified Shark Fin sharpener in your area. Using one of our certified sharpeners allows you to keep your warranty in place and guarantees you the highest quality service.
I Cannot Find a Sharpener for my Barber Scissors

If you do not have a sharpener in your area that is certified by Shark Fin, then you do have another alternative. You can return your barber scissors directly to us for sharpening. There is a set cost for this service, which is listed under the sharpening tab on our website. Just call the toll-free number above and we will tell you how to send your scissors directly to our office for service.