Criteria to use when Choosing Professional Shears

There are a few different pieces of criteria you should use when choosing the best professional shears for you specific needs. The first is the quality of steel used to make the shears. All of our shears are made from the highest quality Hitachi Japanese steel, with a Rockwell hardness level of 61 ‰ÛÒ 63. The second piece of criteria is the adjustability of the shear grip. Not everyone has the same-sized fingers, but most shears are made in just one size to help with manufacturing. While our grips are made in a standard size, every pair of shears comes with our Shear Fit system. This system is composed of a set of inserts that allow you to adjust the grip to be a perfect fit for your fingers. The final piece of criteria is the way that the shears are manufactured. Every pair of professional shears that we produce is forged, instead of cast. This gives you a better cutting edge and allows the shears to hold their edge longer. Eliminating the expense and time needed for sharpening is one of the benefits of choosing forged shears.

I have Problems Sharpening my Professional Shears

It can be difficult to find a quality sharpening service for your professional shears. This is why we offer two different options for our clients. The first is a toll free number, 888-544-7254, that you can use to find a sharpening service in your area. All of these services are certified, so they will not void your lifetime warranty. The second option is to send your shears directly to us for sharpening. Using the same number, we can give you the shipping information and pricing cost. The price also includes return shipping, with adequate insurance to protect your shears from loss or theft during transport.