Choosing the Right Type of Scissors for your Salon

Every salon seems to specialize in a particular type of hairstyle. Salons that want to present a formal image often require their stylists to create fantastic styles with oddly placed cuts and difficult angles. Other salons may do a larger number of basic styles, leading their stylists to more repetitive, but often steadier, work. You also have to consider the handedness of your stylists and make sure you purchase the correct right or left handed variety of the type of shears you would need. This is the main reason that you should only purchase shears for current stylists, and not try to pre-order a set amount to keep in stock. A left-handed person forced to work with right-handed shears will have several problems just cutting a straight line without bending or breaking the hair. If your salon were one that was working towards having a formal image, you would want to purchase shears that offered a swivel handle.

These shears allow you to cut hair from any angle, and give you more control with odd cuts. Swivel shears are also ideal for stylists who prefer to work with asymmetrical hairstyles, because they will be able to cut the angle of the hair without adding extra strain to the tendons in their hands. Salons doing standard styles may get more benefit from purchasing non-swivel shears. These styles would include simpler cuts, such as broomsticks or bowl cuts. These shears are designed to give you the smoothest cut, but work best with straight lines and angles that are less than forty-five degrees. They are also ideal for stylists who do more men’s hairstyles, because they often require closer cutting. An experienced stylist can use straight shears to do everything from texturing hair to thinning without extra thinning shears.