Are Professional Shears Really A Necessity For Professional Stylists?

Professional hair scissors offer considerably more benefits than low cost ones, and if the goal is to become a professional stylist, to get the best final results and performance, you’re going to have to get a great set of shears. You won’t be able to find a professional set of shears at any kind of discount store! A lot of these scissors are suitable for beginners in cosmetology school but is not for the professional stylist.

With professional shears you’ll receive many benefits. The first being quality results thanks to their sharp blades. Cheaper scissors have a tendency to pull, bend and rip through hair, but professional versions make clean, precise cuts, employing smooth movements to generate those sharp clean crisp lines you expect as does your client.

An additional benefit is durability, since a professional hair stylists shear uses top grade metals such as Hitachi Japanese steel and titanium that are expensive but desired among top stylists for their resilient properties. As well as the blade sharpness with a professional shear lasting much longer than a lower end shear, and you won’t have to sharpen them so frequently saving you money. An additional benefit to purchasing a professional pair of shears is they normally have a lifetime warranty, which helps you protect your investment. You shouldn’t choose the priciest scissors either.

Not every expensive pair is necessarily the best. You need to learn about the standard of metal, the manufacturing process as well as the difference in models before selecting the best pair for yourself. Cast shears are cheaper and less durable. These shears are brittle and don’t last as long as high quality forged scissors. Forged scissors usually are produced using similar processes to those of blade making, where the metal is heated then shaped in order to create scissor blades along with being abruptly cooled to create stronger, more resilient tools that keep their edges and last much longer between sharpening.