Asymmetrical Bobs are Easier with Barber Shears

Creating an asymmetrical bob can be difficult for even the most experienced stylist. The trick is to cut the hair into a broomstick style and then contemplate the correct angle before you begin. Always find the angle on the shortest side of the bob and then use your barber shears to cut towards the longer end. This allows you to compensate for an uneven hairline without sacrificing the quality of the finished style.
Why Choosing Swivel Barber Shears can assist with Any Hair Style

The beautiful part of using swivel barber shears is that they allow you to cut hair from almost any angle. This gives you more control over the finished style and allows you to create anything from a broomstick to a full wave with just a twist of your hand. You can also use this flexibility to angle bangs, cut contoured hairlines and present your clients with the best possible styles for their type of hair.