Handle Designs for the Best Hair Cutting Shears

There are three different grip designs for scissors. Opposing, offset and crane design. The best hair cutting shears have the crane design, where the thumb is positioned under the index finger. This removes the maximum amount of stress from the tendons in the hand, helping prevent carpel tunnel syndrome. It also releases the pressure on the nerves, which helps reduce stress in your cutting hand and pain that can occur after hours of holding your shear in the same position. All of our shears are made with this crane design to help prevent these types of injuries.
The Best Hair Cutting Shears Offer Comfortable Styling

One of the key points of using our swivel shears is that they allow you to keep your hand, wrist and arm in a natural position during use. Our shears are designed to give you more control during the cutting process, making the shears feel like a natural extension to your hand and arm. This also relieves stress often put on specific tendons and helps you avoid problems such as carpel tunnel syndrome and hand fatigue. Stylists spend hours every day cutting hair so they should always use the best hair cutting shears to avoid pain and injury.