Why Use Professional Line Texture Hair Cutting Shears

Texture hair cutting shears are important when you want to add body and lift to the hair without the client having to spend hours with a blow dryer and a can of moose. Our lines of texture shears have several different texturing sizes, so you can work with course, medium or fine hair. When ordering your shears, the number in the description tells you the number of teeth on the blade 7T, 15T, 28T or 40T.
Can I use a Razor Instead of Texture Hair Cutting Shears

The problem with using a razor is that it cuts the hair at an angle, making it curl towards the cut instead of hanging straight. While some hairstyles work better with this type of texturing, to give the client the most styling freedom, it is recommended to use textured hair cutting shears. This will give you a clean, flat cut that allows your client to style the hair in several different ways easily.