How to Properly Fit Your Professional Hair Scissors

Your shears must be fitted to your exact ring finger and thumb diameter for more contact, control and a relaxed grip.

For your ring finger, a properly fitted shear belongs between the first and second knuckle far enough back on the ring finger so that your pinky is resting comfortably on the finger rest.

Once you have the shear at that location on your ring finger, there should only be a little extra space around your finger in the finger hole.

If there’s too much space, you’ll need additional finger inserts so that your ring finger is centered in the finger hole.

For your thumb, a properly fitter shear belongs up to or slightly above the cuticle, but not up to or over the knuckle.

Once you have the shear at that location on your thumb, there can be a little extra space around your thumb in the thumb hole.

If there is too much space, then you can add additional ring inserts to take up that space so that your cuticle is centered underneath the middle of the thumb ring guard.

Continue to add inserts until a proper fit is achieved.

Non-Swivel Shark Fin Shears come with 5 different ring guards and Swivel Shears come with 6.

Two of the ring guards are very thin, designed especially for stylists with large finger and thumb diameters.