Shark Fin Professional Shears

The Most Professional Double Shark Shears for True Stylists

As a stylist, the quality of your cuts depends not only on your personal skill level, but the quality of the tools you use. At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we specialize in creating the most ergonomically correct and most comfortable double Shark swivel shears designed to enhance your skill and style. The Double Shark provides ultimate control, comfort and a relaxed grip allowing you to cut effortlessly all day long.

Right Hand Double Shark Swivel Stainless Cutting Shear Made From Super Hard Japanese Hitachi Steel

At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we are committed to ensuring that your cutting tools are of the finest quality. We only use one of the hardest the hardest Japanese steel and Japanese Hitachi steel to create our range of professional shears, so that you experience true balance, shears that cut like butter while you work. All of our shears come with our patented Shark Fin handle as well as our patented finger fitting system that ensures total comfort and control and a relaxed grip for all users.

Select Your Style for Maximum Comfort

Your comfort really matters to us, which is why we have created our full range of Double Shark professional shears to cater to your specific style of use. Select from right hand Double Shark non-swivel stainless cutting shears for finer control, or the right hand Double Shark super swivel stainless cutting shears for more flexible usage. Enjoy smoother cuts and happier clients with your professional Double Shark cutting shears. Your Double Shark blades are Forged Hitachi Japanese steel and will keep their edges sharper, longer to stay at their sharpest no matter how much you use them.

Enjoy a More Professional Cut with Double Shark Cutting Shears

Being a stylist is one thing, but being a true master of your craft can only be achieved with the right tools in your hands. Shark Fin Professional Shears offers the most outstanding range of cutting shears, including the Double Shark range. To find out more, browse online or call us at (888)-544-7254.