Shark Fin Professional Shears

Deluxe Barber Set Right Handed

7.0" Shear Length

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• (1) cutting 7”, (1) 6.25” cutting shear and • (1) 50 tooth blending shear with forged hand welded handles to blades 440-A Japanese steel, with full convex edges for sharp, clean, crisp cuts
• Set also includes: Three sets of Shear Fit Finger Fitting System
• Shark Fin poly Razor with feather blade
• Two six inch combs
• Lubricating oil pen and bandages
• Black Polishing Cloth
• Simulated leather pouch

All Shark Fin Shears come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

HUGE school discounts! Call for pricing.

I got my shears at the Galveston, Texas Show.  I absolutely love them.  They are  perfect and don't slide off of my fingers.  "Total Control!!!!"  I will purchase more scissors in the future you can count on it.

- Ixtaccihuat Cihuacoati October 3, 2012

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