Deluxe Student Kit Lifetime Warranty


  • Thanks to our patented finger fitting system, the shear will not constantly slide down the student’s finger and thumb, thus making learning easier and more exciting.
  • Our student kit comes with our patent finger-fitting system so that each shear is custom fitted to the student’s own thumb and finger size for perfect control.
  • Our patented SHARK-FIN handle design aligns the nerves and tendons in the hand, virtually eliminating the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage caused by improperly fitted shears.
  • Made from forged 440-A Japanese steel, you can expect highly sharp convex edges.
  • One 5.5″ cutting shear
  • 30 tooth thinning shear
  • One 5.5″ mannequin shear
  • 30 tooth mannequin thinning shear
  • Razor with feather blade
  • Oil pen
  • Polishing cloth
  • Two 6″ combs, five sets of Shear Fit finger fitting system
  • Hip pouch.
  • They have a Rockwell hardness of 57-58.