Step Up Your Styling Game with Professional Stainless Shears

As a hair dresser and stylist, your professional shears are the most important tool of your trade. At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we specialize in crafting the highest quality shears in the industry, providing lasting comfort for a long day at work. With each of our shears crafted from the finest Japanese steel and Japanese Hitachi steel and fitted with our patented comfort finger fitting system, you can now step up your styling game to a new level with confidence.

Left Handed Professional Shears for Total Control

Being left-handed means having to find alternative ways to do things that right handed people take for granted. At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we are the only company in the world with a full range of left handed shears. We created the ultimate left handed professional shears in order to deliver complete control for precision cuts. Using right-handed shears with your left-hand leaves you open to potential medical problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve damage and other hand health issues caused by improperly fitted shears. Instead, select from our range of true left-handed shears for a more comfortable way of working.

Choose Your Specific Style for Ultimate Comfort and Control

At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we understand that our lefties face a ton of challenges, but finding the right shears at the highest quality should not be one of them. All of our professional shears are available as left-handed models, including both our swivel and non-swivel grips. We use our patented shear-fit scissor finger fitting system to ensure more precision and control when in use, and with our ergonomically designed handle and durable, long lasting blade, you can enjoy your Shark Fin shears for years to come.

Find Your New Professional Stainless Shears Today

At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we believe so strongly in our products that we offer an unconditional lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. To shop for left handed professional shears, view our gallery or call us at (888) 544-7254 to find out more.