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Thank you and Shark Fin associates for such a pleasant experience. I am forever grateful and proud owner of five Shark Fin shears and one thinning shear. The ones you guys replaced are now my new favorite! I love them. Could not have asked for more! Perfect and impeccable service, from a brand i trust. You have a client for i know my shears will keep up! Haha love it!
Thanks again!

Just would like to express my complete satisfaction with service recently provided by one of your young service reps named Debbie. I e-mailed through your website a couple of nights ago and received a call the very next day from Debbie leaving me a voice-mail that speaking to me directly would allow her to ensure I get exactly what I needed, a welcomed touch in today's social networking society. Debbie took the time to answer all my novice questions with extreme patience as I know less than zero about this industry, she pleasantly explain and educating me on the existing levels of your product. As well as advising me of your current promotions. I feel my knowledge of salon care has increased ten-fold and I was pleasantly convinced from buying a student kit to your Monarch line as they are the best shears for hair stylist and will be placing an order as soon as I can speak to my girlfriend and find out if she is a Lefty or Righty. It's nice to know that good customer service is not dead and does makes a difference to this aging and "old school" society. Pls convey my compliments and a job well done to your knowledgeable employee! Yours Truly from a future repeat customer, Cheers!
"I went to the 2005 Long Beach Show... I never really knew what the difference was between shear companies. I bought them if they looked good... No one had ever explained to me the difference in size and shape for my hand. I asked Budd what the difference was between Shark Fin swivel shears and others, so he put another pair of shears in my hand. I felt the difference. The ones that were measured for my hand and fingers, the Shark Fin shears, were completely secure. I have used these shears and don't like using any other as they are the best shears for hair stylist. I love, love, love, them... a very happy customer!"
"I have been a hairdresser for more than 13 years. Using normal scissors on a regular basis I developed carpal tunnel problems to finger deformation making it very painful for me to cut hair. After learning about the Shark Fin Scissors, I thought I would give it a try. The first week was very hard because I was not used to scissors that were not perfectly straight. After the first week they became, without me realizing it, my best friend. The shape of the scissors perfectly hugs the natural position of the fingers, releasing the tension and the stress that regular scissors put on your fingers and wrist. I highly recommend them to all hairdressers and in particular beginners so that they will never develop problems like I have."
"I'm so impressed with your Shark Fin Shears and your concern for keeping your clients happy. When I first spoke to you over the phone, I was actually trying to send my shears back and get a refund. I honestly had not used my Shark Fin enough to know how wonderful they work and was feeling guilty about the money I had spent. You convinced me to put away my other pair and give my shark fins a fair chance. Now I can't imagine using any other brand! One day I had forgotten to take my shears to work and asked a few clients to come back the next day when I had my Shark Fins. I'm more than happy to tell others about my shears because of their comfort and ease they allow me to cut with due to their beautiful design. I'm ready for another pair! You have earned a life-long client. Thanks for everything!"
"Over the years I have owned several different brands and styles of scissors, including two that were swivel thumb. When I attended a hair show in Reno, I looked at several scissors. I tried the Shark Fin scissors and they felt like they were made for my hand. I purchased the 6¼ inch titanium rainbow swivel-thumb scissors and they were custom fitted to my hand. I didn't think I would notice much difference between my old swivel thumb and the new Shark Fin swivel thumb scissors. I was wrong. My thumb and hand doesn't get tired and sore like it did with my old scissors. I am very happy with my new scissors, and look forward to purchasing more from Shark Fin."

"Thank you so much for helping me pick out the perfect shears! I have been a stylist for 20 something years and have used some of the best shears in the industry. With the job, came the infamous carpal tunnel syndrome. Even after surgery, I still have aches and pains by the end of the work day. I knew my shears were partially to blame and started a three month long process of researching the best shears for the money. I kept coming back to the Shark Fins. I decided to give you a call and you had me sold in the first minute! I am so glad you did, too!

These shears are the smoothest I have ever used. I fell in love with them. I can say that for the first time in a year, my hands didn't hurt at the end of my day. I can't thank you enough. I can't wait to get my second pair. This time it will be the chunking shears! I will definitely recommend your company to all of my coworkers and anyone else I come across in the industry! Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with you in the future,"
"I love my shears so much that maybe it would be fun to be a distributor. I have been a cosmetologist for 22 years. I gave up doing hair for 2 years because it was unbearable on my hands and carpel tunnel syndrome, that was until I saw an ad in a beauty magazine for your Shark Fin Swivel Thumb shears. I purchased the shears and texturizing shears. I can't tell you how much I love my shears, as they have let me continue to do the work I love, being a Hair Stylist."

"Your company and staff is truly the best! I LOVE MY SHEARS!"

"In my opinion, Shark-Fin swivel thumb shears are one of the best inventions ever made. They are not comparable to any other shear. My whole salon has these shears and are very pleased with the performance. The staff is also very helpful and friendly with any questions that I have. I would recommend Shark Fin Shears to any stylist wanting the best shears possible. These shears are a great investment for your career."

"I followed your instructions and left my old shears at home so I couldn't fall back on them. My God I love my new Shark Fin shears. However you were wrong....... It didn't take me 30 days to get use to them, it took me about 2 weeks. Since using my new shears, WITH the swivel thumb and scissor fitting, I no longer have the cramping in my forearm and the pain in my wrist. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but now I am a believer and a user. Thank you Randy - Thank You Shark Fin!!! If anyone needs to talk to an actual user for a testimony. please use my name."

Thanks again,
"Thank you for your wonderful shears. I am able to work again! I have been a hair stylist for over 30 years and cutting caused such cramps, numbness and pain that ran all the way up to my elbow, that I had to stop working. I saw your ad and ordered the twister 5.5" rainbow. What a difference. My hand does not cramp and the tingles are gone. After using your shears, I find I cannot use my old ones anymore. Just trying to cut with them causes cramps almost immediately. Again, thanks for a great product!"

Best Regards

"Hi, Cynthia here...I have been a hair stylist for five years and finally last year I purchased my first set of Shark Fin Swivel Thumb Shears and Swivel Thinners! I want to say I absolutely love them! I cannot and will not ever use a regular pair of shears! They are so comfortable. I can't believe what a difference they have made every single day! And on top of that, my customers love them too because they are so different and unique! This was absolutely the best investment that I made thus far in my career. Also, customer service is great...I love the fact that they come with an unlimited lifetime warranty!..Who does that!"

"Just wanted to send a note about how amazing these shears are! They are truly the best shears for hair stylists. I got the rainbow swivel shears 2-3 years ago and am so happy I gave them a try. Until meeting you at the show, I did not realize my shears never fit me properly and I was gripping onto them. After being fitted and switching to the shark fin swivels, my arm, wrist, and hand stopped aching. All of my clients talk about my "pretty shears" too. Also, I just had to send them in for the first time and customer service was really great! Thank you!"
"I was at a hair show in Columbus, Ohio and I have been looking at these shears for months now. My friend that was with me told me it was stupid to pay that much money, but I walked away from him before I changed my mind. Let me tell you that was the best decision I ever made. I used them for the first time and I really didn't have a problem using them but when I was done cutting my husband's hair my wrist did not hurt. Don't let money stand in your way of getting these shears they are wonderful and you won't regret buying them. I will end up buying some more from them so I can get rid of all my other shears."
"I was at the Calgary, Alberta ABA a few months ago and got talking with a sales person about the Shark Fin swivel shears. I took the plunge and bought a pair and have not looked back since. I was beginning to have some wrist and elbow pain and these shears have virtually got rid of all the pain. My clients think it is neat the way I move my thumb to cut and the girls at work are jealous. Thank you so much for these shears. You have a customer for life now!"

Please keep me up to date on new items. As a cosmo, I only use Shark Fins. I have about seven pairs of them and will always use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"I didn't think you could teach an old dog new tricks, but you did! The shears are great, the way they feel in your hand is wonderful. No more hurting in your shoulder or neck. I didn't know that the way I was cutting hair was hurting me but I could feel the pain. Looking forward to NO MORE PAIN!!! Can't wait to get my students using Shark Fin shears. They loved the way my feel."
"...I have a story I would like to share with your company. I am a educator with PJ' s which I'm happy to say uses your shears in their student kits. I was at a education weekend convention a few years ago in Orlando Florida, your shears had just come out and I had seen them in some magazines and fell in love with them, and at the convention there you guys were. I looked at the shears every day and on the last night one of the reps gave me a full student kit. I loved my shears. Told everyone about them and begged our owner to put them in our kits... then one of our beloved teachers got cancer and all her shears got stolen and I gave her my beloved shark shear student kit. Boy did I miss them but she was an awesome teacher and a good friend so I did it with out any regret and would do it again. Then all at once our students started getting your student kit of shark fins...told them what awesome shears they were getting and then I got breast cancer and while I was gone to have my surgery they called your company to buy me the breast awareness set of shark fins they told you my story and you gave my students a brake on the price and I just wanted to say thank you. I have sang your praises for years--I truly do love your shears. I feel they are the best on the market but know other reasons to sing your praises. Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I can say. It is so very little for something that has meant so much to so many."

Thank you again,

I must comment on this product and the wonderful people in customer service. I have been in the grooming industry for 25 years, and prior to that, was licensed to cut hair. So I have had shears in my hands for 32 years. I have used several great shears in that time and still have most of my high end tools, but let me say that I have NEVER been so in love with a pair of shears in my entire career! I was not really even planning on buying some new shears, I was just doing some research and I had heard of Shark Fin through a groomer friend. I decided to check out the website, and started reading about the SWIVEL and SUPER SWIVEL options. The more I read, the more intrigued I became, anyone who has been scissoring all day, knows the strain it can put on your hands, arms and shoulders...especially groomers, do to the awkward positions we often times find ourselves I decided in the end on a straight edge SWIVEL and a curved
SUPER-SWIVEL. I have arthritis in my fingers, and let me tell you...the SWIVEL has made a world of difference!
I was told by owner Randy, that there is usually an adjustment period, but I had no problems adjusting to either model, I loved the SWIVEL right out the gate.
Speaking of Randy, what helpful, passionate guy who believes so much in his product! I can't even tell you how many calls and questions I had for he and his staff. I was just so excited about the shears and wanted to make sure I was doing everything correctly as not to hurt my new babies in any way! May sound silly, but if and when you purchase a pair of SHARK FIN SHEARS, and you will understand what I am talking about.
The craftsmen ship is beautiful, the swivel is like nothing other you have ever experienced and the level of professionalism and top notched customer service is unmatched.
Just one more tid-bit here... I fell in love with this product so much, I told Randy I would love to come and work for him to promote his Shark Fin Shears" ! If that doesn't say something... I don't know what else would!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I called yesterday with a scissor emergency and not only was everyone so incredibly helpful, they overnighted my shears and they arrived much earlier than I ever anticipated. You guys totally rock and I will never buy a shear from anyone else. These are my first Shark Fins and they feel tremendous in my hands!! love you all! xoxoxox