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Sharkfin Professional Shears, Hair Cuting Scissors


Professional Line Titanium

Left Hand Professional Line Swivel Rainbow Titanium Cutting Shear

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Length Item Code MSRP Special Price Color/Quantity
5.0" LPRSWRB50 $529.95 $379.95
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5.5" LPRSWRB55 $529.95 $379.95
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6.25" LPRSWRB62 $549.95 $399.95
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7.0" LPRSWRB70 $569.95 $419.95
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Includes our FREE Shark Fin® Case, Shear Fit™ Finger Fitting System, Polishing Cloth and Shark Fin® Lubricating Oil Pen (Retail Value $89.95). All Shark Fin Shears come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.
Pink Ring Guards Pink Ring Guards Pink Ring Guards Pink Ring Guards

lifetime warranty 30 day money back guarantee

We love our lefty’s…We are proud to be the ONLY shear company in the world of offer a full line of left handed shears in all models!

All shears have state-of-the-art convex edge blades made from Genuine Hitachi 440-A Japanese steel to help you glide through hair and stay sharp for extended periods of time. They are forged to ensure excellent balance, great control and proper blade alignment. Combined with the comfort of our patented Shark Fin handle, these shears are a great choice for the professional stylist and are unlike any other swivel thumb shear on the market (view our Swivel Demo). In addition you get our patented scissor fitting system to ensure that your shears are properly fitted to your hand. These shears have a Rockwell hardness of 57-58.

I got my shears at the Galveston, Texas Show.  I absolutely love them.  They are  perfect and don't slide off of my fingers.  "Total Control!!!!"  I will purchase more scissors in the future you can count on it.

Ixtaccihuat Cihuacoati October 3, 2012

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Randy Ferman

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