Shark Fin Professional Shears

Right Hand Professional Plus Super Swivel Purple Titanium Cutting Shear

5.5" Shear Length

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6.25" Shear Length

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an example of our Patetented SharkFin Handle
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Includes our FREE Shark Fin® Case, Shear Fit™ Finger Fitting System, Polishing Cloth and Shark Fin® Lubricating Oil Pen (Retail Value $89.95). All Shark Fin Shears come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Super Swivel allows for 40% more freedom of movement, reducing tension in your thumb and hand.
• State-of-the-art convex edge blades made from Genuine Hitachi/Aichi 440-A Japanese steel.
• Helps you glide through hair and will stay sharp longer then other brands.
• Forged with hand welded handles to blades to ensure excellent balance, great control and proper blade alignment.
• Comfortable/ergonomic patented Shark Fin handle.
• Great choice for professional stylists.
• Are unlike any other swivel thumb shear on the market.
• Patented Shear Fit Finger Fitting System that ensures your shears are properly fitted to your exact ring finger and thumb diameter.
• Rockwell hardness of 57-58

I bought my first pair of Shark Fin Shears about two years ago and I bought the Super Swivel.  The design is unique and different from any other shear I have ever used.  I purchased a second pair of Super Swivel Shark Fin Shears, so that I don't  have to be without my favorite shears.  I will never use anything but Shark Fin Shears, I absolutely LOVE them!!!

- Amanda Rickman Pando July 13, 2012

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