When You Want the Greatest, You Want Barbers Choice Shears

Whether you are a new student or an established barber, you require the highest quality tools with which to perform your trade. Without this, your work will suffer, costing you repeat customers. At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we specialize in crafting the highest quality and ergonomically correct barber shears in the industry. Take your barbering to the next level by choosing from our wide range of specialty barbering shears.

Japanese Steel for Sharper, Cleaner Cuts

When it comes to your shears, you need the most reliable and durable blades in order to deliver the cleanest and crispest cuts. At Shark Fin Professional Shears, we create each shear from the finest Japanese steel and Japanese Hitachi. The full convex edges easily glide through hair to create definition and style. With a long-lasting finish and tough yet comfortable use, your shears will truly stand the test of time.

Choose the Barber shears that Suits Your Style

Each barber has different needs, which is why Shark Fin Professional Shears has a wide range of shears to meet and exceed your barbering needs. We also offer barbering kits as well. The Deluxe Barber Set Right-Handed features a 7” and 6.25” cutting shear as well as a 50 tooth blending shear with our patented finger fitting system. You will also receive two six inch combs as well as a straight. The Standard Barber Set Right-Handed features the 6.25” or the 7” cutting shears, the 50 tooth thinning shear, as well as our patented finger fitting system and accessories.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Shark Fin Professional Shears delivers the highest quality when it comes to styling products. Each of our barber’s choice shears comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. To find out more, browse our gallery online or call us at (888) 544-7254.