About Us

Finger Fitting SystemThe Shark Fin Professional Shear Company was founded in 2001, and is a major manufacturer of professional beauty and grooming shears. Our product lines afford the professional stylist and professional groomer a wide range of options for all stages of their career. What makes Shark Fin® different? Our patented innovative handle combined with our patented Shear Fit™ finger fitting system offering the professional stylist and professional groomer the ONLY true ergonomically designed shear in the world today.

We have spent more than 5 years developing and designing our shears specifically to help professional stylists and professional groomers help their hands!

At the Shark Fin Shear Company our one and only goal is to offer you the most technologically advanced shears in the world, that will make your job  the most comfortable and healthiest it can be. Our patented technology has been tested for over 10 years throughout the world and is proven to dramatically help you on a daily basis..